Komaks Ltd. was established in 1996, we are a fast and reliable distribution company creating value-added solutions in the information technology sector. We  provide communication network,hardware solutions, PC components, PC units that are included in our product range and all sorts of product solutions to meet diverse corporate and individual needs. Komaks distributes over 50 brands.

Our company , provides 7 days a week,365 days a  in year, 24 hour of service to dealers with real time in b2b service.

Komaks Ltd. is IT wholesaler computers, monitors, printers, copiers etc.
We are able to provide worldwide large quantities new and refurbished.

The company is strategically placed near to port of Burgas, BULGARIA. Having strong alliances with shipping companies, our strategic location allows us to export to any part of the world.

Traders that are searching for goods to be delivered to their own wholesale customers or to other trading companies.

Resellers who are wholesaler/retailer in their specific markets.

Another distributors who search fast delivery or distributors which not work directly with producer.

Our customer philosophy is based on long term relationship.

Our range of extensively tested and new IT products changes every day.
For more information about our current product range, please contact us by telephone or e-mail >>>

Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers Provide Professionally Refurbished PCs and Server Solutions

The MAR program is a new OEM program from Microsoft®, which makes possiblity for refurbished computers to be placed on market with original operating system.

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